Mike Lustig

Mike Lustig has created memorable installations and sculptures in the last 10 years for notable clients including, Microsoft, Google, and Hyatt. Creating public experiences that mesmerize and surprise visitors is Lustig’s expertise. With crowd-favorite installations at Meow Wolf and Burning Man, the genius of Lustig’s sculptures bring attention to the key elements of successful public sculpture; Scale, Color, and Sensation. Utilizing his knowledge of refraction, dichroic glass, mirrors, and fiber optics, Lustig has developed a process that maximizes the impact of uncommon materials. Lustig’s sculptures have been the central meeting hub at festivals, site-specific photo ops, and vehicles for onlookers to see the world in a new way.

“I am researching light, color, reflection, and perspective to share dynamic and reactive experiences through sculpture. I am striving to create works which allow us to see ourselves and the world in new ways” -Mike Lustig

Projects and Installations