David Krovblit

California-based Canadian visual artist David Krovblit fuses images from vintage books and magazines with his original photography to make luxurious, hand-assembled collages.

His visionary work is a reflection of his vivid imagination and almost dream state; an other-worldly consciousness. His asymmetrically designed depictions explore such themes as consumerism and consumption, science fiction, fantasy. Krovblit’s work often triggers a reaction to the core – stimulating laughter, intrigue, nostalgia and amazement.

David Krovblit consistently introduces new series of work in the hand- cut collage style he has developed in close connection to relevant pop culture. With works included in museums and collections throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, Krovblit is now anticipating a comprehensive museum survey to exhibit the breadth of his 20-year evolution. Ranging from pop iconography to surreal anatomy, the works’ elegance and contemporary edge allow people to connect to each piece on different levels

Projects and Installations